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Alexander - For Almost Half A Century.
 ALEXANDER is a modern, private, Greek industry which since its
foundation, almost half a century ago, and till 2005, produced only
canned fruits and commercialized its production exporting all over
the world.
Since 2006, ALEXANDER branched out into the production of heat
treated goods (HTST) in aseptic package such as concentrated peach
and apple puree, with the prospect of expansion into other fruits.
Therefore, an ultramodern plant of puree production, aseptically
treated has been installed. This method constitutes a revolutionary
innovation in the field of food technology, mainly in the field of liquid
and fluid food products with high bostwick as it offers products
of high quality, not only in appearance, but in taste and nutritional
value as well. It is a fully automatic method with a control feature
which guarantees that all the productions stages result in products
of optimal quality.
Our People Our Power
A precious capital for ALEXANDER is its staff. The company employs
more than 30 people as a permanent staff of various specialties,
while during summer employs almost 400 people.
ALEXANDER faces the future with optimism and responsibility, due
to the constant modernization of the production line and the multiple
year experience of its executives, who inspired by our vision,
ensure the highest standards of our products.
ALEXANDERís modern plant is situated
 at R.R. Station of Veria in the prefecture
 of Imathia. The small canning industry in
the early 60ís has grown to be an evolved,
 modern industrial unit and has achieved
through a successful upwards to obtain an
 international customergroup as well as
 remarkable partners.

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