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Alexander Quality Fruits
Welcome to Alexander fruits section website, our activities:

- Production: Banana ripening, import fruits & vegetables,
 growing, packing,trading, sourcing, quality control etc.
- Logistics: export, overseas shipping, import, long and
short-haul freight, delivery to the retailers’ warehouse or
individual stores.
-All related services such as packing, Category Management, private labels and special projects.
Alexander uses state of art technology during packing and storing of the goods in order to keep them absolutely fresh and safe
We are working exclusiveny only with Global Gap certified caltivators around the world in order to offer our clients the best quality products around the world

Food Safety
We attach considerable importance to the food safety of vegetables and fruit, as only by supplying safe products of high quality are we able to retain your trust and that of your customers
Our distribution centre covers an area of 3000 m2 and possesses 8 cool cells, each of which is maintained at a different temperature and from here, the whole world is at our fingertips.
Stone Fruits
Peaches, Nectarines, Apricots Greek Origin
Citrus Fruits
Lemons, Oranges, Mandarines, Greipfruits, limes. From Greece, Argentina,South Africa and Turkey
Deciduous Fruit
Apples, pears and grapes across the globe
Tropical Fruits
Banana imports and rippening, Pineapple, Avocando
Selected vegetables from the best suppliers of the world, our target to offer our clients an extraordinary
 range of vegetables of extreme high standards
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Exclusive to Greece Fyffes Bananas
1/9/2014: IFS ver.6 Certification
10/6/2013: Rossalia Lemons From
1/6/2013: Alexander completed the
 construction of 10 new state of art
Banana rippening rooms
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